Wednesday, 14 September 2016
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New Board for BID

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A ballot took place at the Annual Levy Payer’s Meeting on 2nd September 2015 at Allendale House and the levy payers have elected the seven levy-payer elected directors on the Board:

  • Eileen Worth (Minster Hair Stylist)  
  • Lisa Lane (MJP Law) – marketing and advertising
  • Chris Slocock (Minster Press)
  • Imad Mirza (Riverside Gallery) –marketing and advertising
  • Tony Hajiatoni (Cantina)
  • Martin Brunt (Lester Brunt)
  • Robert Fisher (Brights of Nettlebed)

The co-opted directors reviewed and voted in at the board meeting on 9th September, Allendale House, and the Chairman for 2015-16 are confirmed as:


  • Ian Faulkner, Chairman
  • Terry Wheeler
  • Simon Tong


Ian Faulkner said, “The new BID board will be kept busy and will hit the ground running as we head towards 2016 as we have a great deal still to do.  

We will continue to engage and communicate with the levy payers and support activities and events to help increase the footfall into the town and to strengthen the Wimborne brand within the business community.

We have bigger plans for the Christmas lights and the activities taking place in the town this December, as well as plans for further support of Wimborne in Bloom, the Food and Drink Festival, The Folk Festival and other important activities which help to raise the profile of our town as a destination. 

I am proud to see a new dynamic on the Board for the year ahead and I look forward to working with the new team. Brie Logan from Julia’s House was not elected, however, we hope that she will continue to play a part of engagement and support to the BID board throughout the year

We are now at our most crucial stage as a BID, much has been achieved and we are keen to see the remainder of work completed and it is more important than ever that the Wimborne BID continues to strengthened the partnerships and support shown to the BID by the Mayor Cllr Shane Bartlett, The Town Council, District Council and The Chamber of Trade and other Dorset groups is more encouraging than ever and these partnerships are vitally important for the successful renewal of the BID in May 2016.

One of the key features for the next years will an increase focus on Business Development,  helping businesses understand and put in place plans to turn the Wimborne positioning and, ‘brand’, and the increase in footfall, into increased business.  We will also work closer with other organisations that support the town – in particular the Town Council and Chamber of Trade – to make Wimborne the thriving business community that it deserves to be.”

The Mayor Cllr Shane Bartlett said of the BID Board, “Our relationship with the business community has developed since the BID was elected in 2011 and it has never been better. As Chairman of the elected representatives of the residents of Wimborne Minster I can say that there has been enormous benefit by having the BID in place. Together we have improved the Town’s appearance, we share the cost of maintaining street furniture, bollards, benches, bus shelters as well as day to day litter picking and tidying up undertaken by Wimborne In Bloom as part of a monthly contract arrangement. We have improved the Christmas lights and the Switch On arrangements and the improvements would probably not have happened if it were not for Wimborne BID.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, for residents alone to meet the cost of these improvements and events and I urge all levy payers to support the re-election of the BID in 2016 as I believe the BID is good for the Town and I hope that together we can do even more in the years to come.”

Sandra Bond, President of Wimborne Chamber said, “The BID has a strong leadership, as well as energy, enthusiasm and passion for Wimborne Minster and the results are becoming more evident. The Chamber is working closely in partnership with the BID team on several ongoing projects and partnering alongside each other to achieve greater success for all.

Much of what we all want to see benefit the town costs money, we are very fortunate to have the extra funding from the BID and this benefits us all. Business in Wimborne without the BID in the future would take on a very different face, how else would we ever again be in the position to market our town, assist with events, put up our Christmas lights and more without the financial support the BID offers us.”


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